Monday, October 18, 2010

Too Busy Too Even Think

Ok, got back early Sunday morning and slept most of the day and night. Today I have been unpacking, cleaning and fixing. Man, I cleaned my house really good before I left, but come home and one day later it looks like I never cleaned it. Well it is 3/4 clean now. I still have alittle left to do, but all 10 loads of laundry are washed, dried, folded and put away. The floors have been vaccumed, swept and mopped. The dishes from Sunday and today have been washed, dried and put away. Beds were made, suite cases put away, and all the misc. items have been returned to there right places.

I have a drawing to make from the blog hop, but my drawer of the number fell asleep early tonight. LOL Besides what was mentioned in the post as the prize, I have added 5 Cropic Sketch Markers to the pot.

My poor little girl is beat. Cancun was like having Christmas surprizes everyday for her. The swimming with the Dolphins, the trips to Market 28, La Isla, Chinchen Itza, Xcaret, and Wet & Wild were way to much for her. She did attend school today and came home and finished her homework. She almost fell asleep eating her dinner. She took her shower and within 30 minutes after she was out like a light.

I have tons of pictures that I have yet to get to, due to cleaning the house. But my hope is tomorrow after finishing the 1/4 of the house cleaning I need to do that I will be able to get through at least some of them.

Well, I promise a drawing tomorrow night. I will make sure she draws before taking her shower. I would do it, but she asked me if she could and I promised her that she would draw the winner. I will also post a pic of the winnings tomorrow as well.

God bless you all and will post on the morrow.

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