Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Treats

I made these little treats for my daughters class. I am only 13 done and need a total of 33. I spent half the day looking for Orange foam and couldn't find enough. Thank goodness for Michaels sale on Halloween stuff. I found Orange Glittered Foam Pumpkins on sale for $1.49 for a package of 6 glittered and 6 plain. So there was my front base and my back. YIPE!!!!

Well got home at 1pm and had to make a pattern for the Jack-o-Lantern face that I needed for each of these 33 pumpkins. While tracing and cutting out 33 of these little darlings I had to cut 120 boots and 120 mittens, so my treat would have hands and feet. LOL Well I only got 13 of them glued together, but it is alot more difficult than I had figured. So here are my little treats:

These are Sour Punch Twist candies that I found at my local grocery store.

There is a piece of Bright Yellow Card Stock in between the two foam pieces.

Oh, each of them has a front and a back, so there is a boot and hand back to each of these.

The back of these Jack-O-Lantern Treats is just an orange foam pumpkin with no face. Tomorrow night my little one will be writing Happy Halloween and her name on the back of each one with a Sharpie marker.

Hope you like. I did see that someone else did something similar on another site, but didn't get the name of who it was. I wish I had paid more attention, cause when I tried to make these with Card Stock they kept falling apart. So this is why I had to have the foam. I didn't want to cut 33 Jack-O-Lanterns out of Cardstock then again out of Cardboard, cause I would have to do it times 2 and line them up and that is way more work than the foam was. LOL I know a little bit lazy.

Well hope you all have a great day tomorrow and will try to post something. It will most likely be about my vacation as I still have not finished going through all the thousand of pics I took. Thank goodness for digital or I would be in tons of trouble. LOL

Have a great night.


  1. I like these but know what you mean about becoming more work than you wanted. I love that you used the candy as the arms and legs and they have shoes!