Sunday, May 27, 2012

Been down for awhile

Hi all,

I know that I haven't been around in a very long time. I had some major Hernia's that ended me in the hospital a couple times. The last emergency visit they told me I need surgery to repair at least the 2 major ones. The other 4 could wait as they weren't the ones putting me in the hospital.

Well tried to find a surgeon who would work on me in my area and got 12 no's. They said they didn't want to work on someone who had previous surgeries. My previous surgery was over 15 years ago and is the reason for the Hernias. Well I ended up have to travel 143 miles away from home to find a surgeon who would help me. Well I did the surgery, but had the surgeon repair all 6 of the Hernias
and boy was that a big surgery. But you see I told the surgeon, that I didn't want to have to do another surgery for the others later. So I told him do them all.

You won't believe this, but the tubes/drainage hoses clogged and didn't drain. So they pulled them out (that was very unpleasant). Then 3 days later a part of my cut near my belly button started draining, so back to the surgeon and he put me on antibiotics. Home I went, to just come back 2 days later to have him remove my belly button and leave me with a hole in my stomache the size of a 1/2 dallor. It is closing, but you would think this was in early April that it would be closed, well it is about the size of a nickel still and draining like crazy.

I am slowly getting back to normal, but it is just taking a whole lot longer than originally planned. 6 weeks has turned in to 2 months. I am still not able to go back to work until the 18th of June, and that is in a very limited bases. The only good thing is that I am now able to start scrapping and crafting again. I did several quick Las Vegas pages for my oldest daugher which I will post soon.