Friday, February 18, 2011

15 Minute Layout

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful week and that your weekend will be fantastic. LOL Mine will be, I have 3 days off. YEAH!!!

Anywho, my husband made me a challenge and I decided to take him up on it. He says that it takes me to long to create a layout. Well I said that isn't really true. Well he proceeded to tell me that he didn't believe that I could do a layout without taking a day or two to complete. Well I had some that were already designed, so I said yes I could . Well then he said "Ok, here are the rules." YIKES!!!

1) New Design
2) Use only Scraps
3) Base of Layout to be White
4) No Pattern Paper
5) NO CRICUT (unless the cut was something I had in scraps) This One is a Killer
6) No Punches, No Cuttlebug, or any other machine that makes a design OR STAMPS
7) Only Scissors, Glue, Stickles, Pens/Markers, Ink Pad
8) You have 2 hours.

Well I was really not happy with hubby at this time. So, I proceeded to look through my folder of scrap stickers for something Spring Like. Then grabbed 3 colors of scraps that I thought would look ok together. This was easier than I had thought, I had done that in only 2 minutes. Well this is what I did with the rest of the 13 minutes. LOL It isn't great, but I am proud, cause I did it in 15 minutes (well except for the dry time on the stickles, but didn't explain that to hubby) and even got in 2 Cricut cuts that were scraps as well (that is the only place were you will see Pattern Paper, but being it was made before, that didn't count). Sorry not to great of a picture, but my camera is acting really crazy.


Thank you for looking. God Bless you all.


  1. Well done! Awesome effort for a fast scrap. As soon as he said 'No cricut' I would have been out of the race. lol.

  2. Kathryn, your layout is just so adorable!!! You did great in 15 minutes!!!