Monday, December 6, 2010

Ok I am thinking things are getting back to normal

Now that is a very loaded phrase. My house is never normal to most peoples views of what normal is, but for my house it is a close as it is going to get until a couple of weeks after the New Year. LOL

We here are finally kicking that nasty cold/flu that has been going around. My DH ended up getting Pnuemonia (sorry the spelling is off) and was antibiotics for 7 days. Work has been really busy and no time to think. But I am getting a few minutes to blog before I go get the little one into the shower and cook dinner. I am crossing my fingers that tonight I will get to post some of the pics I have of my Calling Cards, my new Scrap Room, and the few orders that I have received so far. So say a little prayer that nothing unexpected comes up.

Hope you all had a fantastic and peaceful weekend.

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