Monday, December 6, 2010

My New Scraproom

Ok, several weeks ago I was with out internet and got really sick with the cold/flu that was going around. Well out of desperation, I did venture out, before getting really sick, to IKEA and bought all new furniture for my Scraproom (it use to be a spare bedroom). Well my internet was down for almost a full week, so I painted the room an off white (had to get rid of the awful pink with flowers) which I did in sections as I put together the furniture and removed the old furniture. So it took me the whole week to get that part done and then another week or so to get everything back and organized. So here is what my scraproom looks like now.

These are 3 bookcases I put togther. The middle one has full glass doors on it.

This is my Cartridge Shelves, but only for the regular and lite cartridges. Next to that is my brad storage drawer attached to the wall (this is really great). Next to that is a plastic storge drawer unit that hold my tools, glues, and supplies. On top of this unit is my ATG guns and my Gypsy.

This is my Cricut Expressions home and future home of my Imagine. On the shelf above the 2 drawer storage units hold my acrylic blocks and a few stamp pads and other small stamping tools.

This is my 29" monitor for my desk top this is my main designing area with one of my Design Studio Softwares. Next to that is a glass door bookcase that holds my Cuttlebug, CB folders and dies, my charms, trinkets, ribbon, and flowers.

This is my work area. ie: pay bills, answer emails, purchase online, and print out whatever. I like it cause I can look out the window at the birds that hang around in the trees that are in front of that window.

This area next to my work area is my youngest daughters homework/crafting area. She needed a space of her own and a place that I could help her with her homework.

This is one side of the closet in the room. The drawers hold pattern papers, the first shelf hold sorters that I put my paper scraps in by color. The next shelf hold scrap kits and 2 draw units that have different kinds of thick embellishments sorted by theme. The top shelf holds unused albums and misc other scrapbooking supplies.

This side of the closet drawers hold cardstock in about 75% of them the rest is more pattern paper. On top of those drawers are plastic folders with diecuts and flat embellishments sorted by theme and a box with more pattern paper on it. The shelf above that holds about 30 DCVW paper packs and picture sorters. The top shelf hold all my albums that are completed and the ones I am working on.

This is my crafting table and it is located in the center of the room for maximum use. It has 6 drawer on each side and space to put a storge unit under.

This is the storage unit that is under the Crafting table. It hold scraping tool in the top drawer, project in progress are in the second drawer, completed projects in the third drawer, and photo mats, 6x6 and 8x8 paper (both pattern and cardstock). This faces away from the entrance so it is not seen from the door.

This is the other side of the Crafting table and it my baby "Pico's" spot. He doesn't like to be to far away from his mother. LOL

This is the bookcase next to the cartridge shelf. It holds my "Your Story", seasonal cartriges, stickles, buttons, flosses, and books.

This middle case holds my DVD's, some of my stamps, my cameras (they are in the striped bag), and the remainer of my stamp pads, sponges, dabber, etc.

This case that is closest to the door holds my 8 1/2x11 paper in the 2 drawer units, my Copic markers, more of my stamps, envelopes, Prisma Color Pencils and other markers.

This is the bottom drawer on the entrance side of the Crafting table. It holds all my Martha Stewart punches.

This is the middle drawer on the entrance side of the Crafting Table. It hold my I-Top and EK Success punches.

This is the top drawer on the entrance side of the Crafting Table. It holds my heat gun, Bow Easy, and my Viva Decor Pearl Pens.

This is the bottom drawer on the window side of the Crafting table. It holds 1/3 of my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and 2 each of Viva Decor's Glass Effects Gel and Glitter Liner ( I am looking at expanding those to full collections in the near future).

This is the middle drawer on the window side of the Crafting table. It holds one more 1/3 of my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.

This is the top drawer next to the window side of the Crafting table. It holds the last 1/3 of my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.

Well I hope you liked your tour of my Scraproom. There are several drawers I didn't open, but this post was really very long and the other drawers that are at my daughters and my desk are mainly school and business stuff.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week. Will take pics of the packages that are coming and post them here for you to see.


  1. i don't know where to start...Wow you have been busy!!! I am amazed at all the stuff you have ( by amazed I mean jealous) LOL Great Job!!!

  2. Wow Wow Wow!! Great scrap room! I'm jealous! :)

  3. Love, Love Love your scrapping room that is awesome and so tidy lol...
    Wow and I can't believe how many cricut cartridges you have, you must do some serious scrapping, well have to follow and keep an eye out for your projects. Thanks also for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Blog Hop.

  4. Thank you for your comments.


    That is not even all of them. I just received 20 more so the shelves are full and the Imagine carts are now on a table. LOL I need an AA meeting for cartridges.

  5. WOW...Your space is so nice & organized! I bet you have lots of fun creating in there. :)

  6. I love the way how everything matches, all my shelfs were picked up at the second hand store, but just the same I love my little crafing room.TFS.