Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year --- My goals for the year and blog candy (Post #1)

Goal #1:

      to post on my blog at least once a week.

Goal #2:

      to list my classes on my blog.

Goal #3:

      to upload pictures of my class projects.

Goal #4:

      to try and plan my time better.

Goal #5:

      to enjoy life today and everyday I have as if it is a precious gift.

Goal #6:

      to give back more than I receive to all people around me.

 Alright now onto giving back. 

Products that I love - #1....

Happy New Year...holy cow it is 2014!!!
Let's all have a great year together and I hope that each and everyone of you finds time for peace, joy and a lots of laughter in your lives! I know...we all get so very stressed (and I am guilty too) about things (even the very small things) that really do not make a difference in what is truly important, The Big Picture of let's try to start with being understanding, patient and kind to ourselves and others in our life!

Today is a new type of post for me and I pray a start of something really great in following through on my Goal #6 for this year. Today I want to focus on some randomly pick favorite products of mine  that we have at Stampin' Up! and give you the "why's and what's" I love them so much as well as some "ideas, tips and tricks" that I have found with them!

Now these products are not in any particular order of what is first on my preference list - they are just what I see around my work area that are at arms length of my work station. Read to the end as you will see that I am going to do 3 of these posts over the next 3 weeks and you will have the opportunity to win some blog candy!
I purposely did not put in any specific stamp sets...solid papers....or the Big these to me are the bread & butter to Stampin Up's fabulous collection of products!
  • Stampin Trimmer - this is simply the BEST on the market! I know when it came out, I as well as many of my customers said - "I already have a trimmer, why would I want another one...." Well - by the next month - I ordered it! Why do I love it so much....very easy!
  1. The size - I love the fact that it is so portable and that you can make 12" can SCORE with it - that in itself is a HUGE !!!
  2. I love that you can buy replacement cutting blades and scoring blades and that the cuts are so accurate as the guide cannot be "worn" down as it is "under" the clear part!
  3. To me - this is a total necessity and honesty I bought another one to put the Rotary Additon on it so I do not have to take it on and off...this way I have the felxability to make all sorts of cuts - small scallop border and a tiny wave border
  4. I also love that I can store my replacement cutting and scoring blades right underneath the trimmer. It holds several and also has room for other items to be stored.
  • Paper Snips - ok...this is another thing that I am sure many of you say....I have a pair of scissors...why would I spend $9.95 for a pair....well if you have them you already know that they are the best scissors.
  1. For those of you that do not like to "Fussy Cut" - this is the "Cats Meow" - once you try them - you'll be hooked - but buy 2.....I have 4, but it is due to always misplacing them!
  2. They are the best to take on planes....because of the case - I never have an issue with them.
  3. They are so sharp and cut through paper like it was butter.
  • Craft Scissors - ok...I know that these are REALLY $$$$$ and it took me 2 years to purchase them and everytime I use them I say to myself - why in the heck did I not buy these before? This is why I adore them!

  1. The are literally a weapon.....I am serious - they are the one of heaviest and sharpest scissors in the world! To cut ribbon with "no frays" - this is a major ticket! I can cut piece of ribbon "flush" to the edge of a card and you would think that I wrapped it around, but nope! they are just that sharp!
  2. I realize that they are $$$$ but as my Mom always said, you pay for what you get! This is a great item to use a 1/2 price item or use your hostess rewards with! Do will not regret it! I have 2 pairs....I have a piece of ribbon tied to one pair to let me know only to cut ribbon or fabric with them and the other is my go to for larger cutting items.

  • Big Shot Magnetic Platform - This is simply a No-Brainer....remember how it was sold out for so long and so many people were very frustrated!?!?! - Well, the reason is very....SIMPLE - it is the GREATEST! This is a super easy product that totally out performs it's price.. "why" I love it!
  1. Do you remember how frustrating it was to have to use "Post It Notes" to hold your framelits in place??? UGH - who wants to do that!!! This eliminates every frustration that is possible when cutting using the framelits and edgelits...but REMEMBER - you still need to use your cutting pads with the Magnetic Platform!!!
  2. I love to use this tool to get a "peek -a boo" look on the front of my cards....and then stamp an image on the inside!
  3. This also is great to use different sizes of a framlit to make frame which creates a wow statement!
  • Designer Series Paper Stacks - I know that I said that I was not going to go with "solid paper" but this is different - these are a MUST in my opinion as with all of the other options that we have with lining and decorating our cards and envelopes....these paper stacks are just fabulous! Why....
  1. They come in every color palate that Stampin Up offers so you know that you will ALWAYS get s fun paper to match a project you are working on!
  2. They are a great accent to make a WOW happen with a simple card! Each color comes in four differnt print you will never be bored with the variety of prints!
  • Candy Dots - Who ever thought of these was nothing short of a genius!!! LOVE THEM....they are so easy to use!
  1. These also come in every color collection that Stampin Up has...and they are just $5.95 for 100 dots! It is a perfect quick accent to make a card go from o.k. to POW with just a simple touch!
  2. The easiest way to get these gems off...use your paper snips or paper piercer to get "under" the everytime!

  • Stampin' Scrub - ok...I know that many of you are going to think that this is not a necessity but I am in TOTAL disagreement....why....look below!
  1. This keeps your stamps clean and in great condition! Cleaning your stamps each and everytime they are used is a habit that is well worth the extra time....I ALWAYS use it each and everytime I stamp!
  2. If you have it out...right as you are working and have the Stampin' Mist right beside you...(this is also a must - get the refill and the little one to mist and you are set for a really LONG time) - you will make a habit TO STAMPIN'...CLEANING...PUTTING YOUR STAMPS AWAY!!!!
  3. I get asked often should you clean it? Well there secret recipe...just when I feel like it's been a while! I simple run it under the sink and "squish" water all around until I see the water run clear and then pat it with a paper towel....and then put it on a drying rack and by morning - it's ready to be used !!! This is another REAL must in my eyes!!!
O.k. - I know that I am totally rambling on and I just showcased only 7 items today....but I am going to continue with these types of posts over the next 3 weeks!!! I hope that they have been helpful to you and also have enlightened you to Stampin Up products....
Now here is a way for you to WIN some blog candy! Please leave me a comment and I will put your name in a "pot of gold"....and after all 3 posts on "Products I Love"...I will pick one person from the sight to make it fair for everyone.
$20.00 worth of Stampin' Up! products of your choice
PLUS 14 handmade cards and envelopes from me = did you get it???
This way you will have 3 chances to win if you follow my blog everyday
I thank you for popping by today and I truly wish you a very Happy New Year! I am not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions as honestly I cannot seem to keep them and I think there are times that we put the "Bar too high" for what we are trying to I just try to be aware of what "I want to be about...what I want to set out to accomplish...and what I would like to see myself MOVE a bit out of my comfort zone" and to try to do something nice for someone each and everyday.... this is why I set only Six Goals instead of Resolutions.....Goals that I believe are in reach.

Remember to leave me a comment and you could win the 2014 blog candy for the start of the NEW YEAR! If you are a SUD that follows my blog....please leave me a comment - we all work together and I too go to your blogs for inspiration!

Here's to a great year!!!



  1. Kathryn I love your blog. The items you posted are fantastic. Thanks for providing your insight in addition to the items information. Very helpful as always!

  2. Thank you Ellie. I look forward to seeing you in the weeks to come. Happy New Year to you and yours.