Monday, January 17, 2011

Post #3 "I Have A Dream"

Hello all,

so sorry that this post is so late. I have been dealing with Doctors all day and finally ended up at the hospital with my little one again. Her Asthma is just out of control!!! They finally put her on Predizod (excuse the spelling, I am to tired to go get the stuff), which is a steroid (not to happy about that, but if it works. YEAH) that she will take for 5 days. So maybe my life will return to normal (well normal in my house. lol).

So on to my project:

This is another of my attempts at making a card. I am not a real good card maker, as I like room to design and play. I know need to learn to work in smaller spaces. Well this card is for a very special person who is a Flamigo lover. I also kept with the Dream theme of the blog hop, so I hope that it is at least a good try for a scrapbooker.

The papers used were all from stock that I had on hand and most from scraps (so really proud of myself for that). So not sure of the manufacturers, but they are all textured cardstock except for the orange layer of the Flamingo. The ribbon is from CTMH and the color is Shell Pink.

Pardon the lines that are showing up on this picture, they are not there at this time, but I was borrowing a camera and needed to get it back and forgot to remove them when I took the pics. The cartridges I use are Lacy Labels for the Card Base and lining. This was done in Design Studio and welded together. The size was at 5". The Flourishes on the front of the card were from Serenade and were cut at .689" in the Design Studio. The Flamingo is also from Serenade cut at 3.5". The lettering was from Winter Woodland and were cut at .5" and welded together in Design Studio.

Well I hope you all like my effort to make a card for a change. Also a huge thank you to all of you for your wonderful and kind comments.


  1. great card!!! really like the card base you chosed..going to check out that cut.....
    you did a fabulous job!!!!

  2. good Job
    I am now a Follower

  3. GREAT card! Really very lovley!

  4. What a great card and, yes, you kept with the theme very well!!!

  5. Pretty card!!! Good luck on the challenge! I'm now a follower YAY!!

  6. Looks great! I love that flamingo cut, I was going to ask you what cart it's from, but then I saw you said Serenade...I don't have that one, no wonder I hadn't noticed it before!

  7. Cute card.

    I am sorry your daughter is sick. Being an asthmatic, I have been on steroids many times. They help tremendously. Many times they are the only thing that helps.

    vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

  8. Very pretty card and I would wish your daughter pink flamingo dreams as well as desire some myself! Thanks~

  9. I love your blog. I want you to know that I joined it so I can keep up with it. I love what you are doing andwant to wish you the best. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Cute the sentiment too! :)

  11. Good Job ! thanks for share with us...

    Thanks for leave a comment in my blog !
    Have a great Thursday ;-)