Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Mini Cricut Cartridge Storage

Hi all,

I finally got some Mini Cartridge holders in the mail. OOOOOoooo, so happy that these got here. I have 35 Mini Cartridges and this was how I was what I was storing them in. These are nice, but had to open them and search through them to find the Cartridge I wanted. NOT fun!!!

Well this is what showed up in my mail. Oooo and the smell of leather is so good. I know a little bit crazy, but really do love the smell of new leather. I received 3 of these in the mail, each holds 12 Cartridges, booklets, and overlays.

They are easy to put the Cartridges, booklets and overlays into and very easy to see which Cartridges you have in the binders. I put mine in Alpha order and will be labeling them with a label that can change as my Cartridges expand. I will be getting more of these, as they take up 1/2 the space of the plastic containers that I was using before.

Here is a view of the last binder, with one space left for another Cartridge. Which I know I will be getting more.

This is what all three of them open look like. Nice, neat and in Alpha order. I can't ask for an easier way for me to store these.

Well wish you all a fantastic weekend and a great night.


  1. Katherine,
    Who makes these and how much were they???

    Can you believe all the stuff coming out at CHA?

  2. Come on girl, tell us who made them!

  3. Katheryn,
    The link for the file is on my post...