Monday, September 27, 2010

1/2 back from the DEAD

Boy talk about being put through a ringer. Well worked all day Friday, then came home to a sick little girl who I ended up having to rock to sleep, due to not keeping her cookies down and just feeling plain yucky. Finally around 11pm little was asleep and I went back to work on those center pieces. Well over 3/5 done by 3am Saturday morning. Got up a 9am feeling kinda not to good, thought it was cause of a rough day and little sleep (got up about 3 time to take care of little one). Went to work and about 2pm came home sick as a dog. I am barely able to get out of bed this afternoon. I feel like I have been put through one of those old washing machines that ring out as you wash. I am not truly behind on my center pieces and will be busting can to finish them in time for this weekends swarm. I also need to get back to work tomorrow or go broke.

So forgive me for not posting, but just could get away from the Procelain God for very long. I will try to post again this week, but I have to finish these dang center peices, so we will see how it goes.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Feel better and get some rest.

  2. Oh I hope you feel better soon. Get some rest!

  3. Don't worry bout' your blog. You know we'll still be here checkin' in you. :) Hope you and the little one get better FAST!! Save any extra strength to finish those pieces and goodluck!

  4. Poor thing... We will wait for your recovery. Promise!

  5. Thank you all. I am well and busy, busy, busy, but will be posting. LOL

    Thanks again and God Bless.