Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Too tired to think........

From 6 am this morning till about 1 hour ago, I have been cutting out the stuff for the 55 table center pieces I need to make for the swarm. My poor Cricky is burning up. He got way to hot to day. So I figured I better post what was up in my day. LOL Not much just a cutting.

Well tomorrow it is back to work. YUKE!!! I need to finish these dang center pieces. I have to have them done by Monday, because I am swamped Tuesday thu Friday next week. Wish me luck that I can get these done, it is me, myself, and I doing these and it is alot more work than I had planned.

Well off to hop around and check on people blogs before hitting the hay. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and an even better one tomorrow.


  1. OK - I am waiting to see the pictures. . .
    You have had almost a day to rest, come on,come on! ;p

  2. Show us pictures please. Sounds like a ton of work. where is the swarm? I see you're in Roseville, CA. My son and Daughter in Law live in Citrus Heights.

  3. Ok Amy and Cindy. I have cut 406 pieces of paper so far just to get all the base work done. LOL Now I need to cut out the flower parts. Oh, remember these are 2 sided, so actually I am making 110 of this things. I am headed back into work, but as soon as I am home I will be on them again. So Monday night I will be posting pics of all 55 fronts and backs.

    Thanks you to for pushing. LOL