Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I got published on About.com Scrappbooking by Rebbeca Ludens

So excited!!! This is one of the 3 articles I placed for review with About.com:Scrapbooking:

 Organizing Scrapbook Paper Scraps

Reader Stories: Scrapbook Paper Organization Ideas

From Kathryn Martinez, About.com Guest
Scrap paper organization shelf

How I Organize My Scrapbook Paper 

Scraps are one of the biggest challenges I had. The drawer system took up way to much room if I wanted to sort by colors. Folders in a filing cart was not working due to them sliding out the sides of the folders, and when I taped the edges, it made it very difficult to see what was in the folder without taking every thing out.
I went to using zipper baggies which was great for sorting, but again, putting them in draws or in a folder cart kept them out of sight. So I found these Magazine holders and stacked the baggies inside them and placed them next to my crafting table. They are seen all the time and organized.

How I Did It 

First was the sorting of the colors one baggie for cardstock and another baggie for pattern paper. Then organizing the cardstock baggies in color order and then the pattern paper. The most time consuming part is the sorting into color groups. As a long time quilter I went back to my old "Color Wheel" and sorted according to this wheel. Everything is in a color group and easily available.

Lessons Learned 

  • That I use my scraps more often.
  • I waste a whole lot less paper.
  • Being organized has made me more creative and productive in my craft.


  1. LOVE how you organized your scrap paper. TFS! :-)

  2. Thank you Ladybug. For some reason, the 3 pic on the 12x12 drawers didn't show up. So I am going to retake the pic and post it here.

  3. Congrats on getting published. Great ideas on storing scraps. I got here from your Ladybug blog. Not sure how to enter for the blog candy but here goes.