Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My plate is never to full......

Life is really very funny in how it piles your plate full of those very unexpected events. Well let just say my plate is overflowing at this time.

I had a very major surgery just 10 weeks ago.

I had complications and ended up getting an infections 9 weeks ago

Then 8 weeks ago I was back at the hospital having my belly button removed due to the infection

My son had a surgery 7 weeks ago to remove a growth.

Family from out of town showed up and that was fun!!!

I had 6 dogs for several days a week ago. (Let me tell you about lots of work)

I have started a new business and haven't had much time to work on it. I really need to get this up and going. (so if any of your are interested in CTMH products or kits, please let me know)

This past Tuesday I go in and have another complication with a piece of gauze and a staple that was left in the area where my belly button was removed.

Then last night my son goes into the emergency room with pain in his belly and got put into emergency surgery his Appendix (don't know if that is spelled right) at 3 am this morning.

My littlest one is to have her 12 Birthday party this weekend and haven't gotten anything ready.

Oh and to top it all off dear hubby has been working 12 to 16 hour days and hasn't been able to get any of the yard, pool, or party work that is needed to be done.

So, I am asking that I get a break for a little while as I am really running out of energy and patients with with my life. I need a good week of nothing but relaxing and enjoying doing nothing, having no worries, and just vegitating.

Alright, I am done complaining and will put my big girl pants on and lift my chin high and just push through this and make it through to the next challenge that will be placed on my very full plate. So to just dump, but I justed needed to get it off my chest. I know that everything that comes my way in my life makes me the person I am and a better person as well, as long as I deal with it head on and keep in my mind that tomorrow is another day and will be better.

So to all of you who are feeling really wrung out, it will get better if you believe it will.

Have a blessed week.



  1. Relax, take care of yourself. I hope everything is less stressful soon.

  2. yes it will Kathyrn. Yes it will. Sometimes hard to believe but it willl