Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Fright is finally at an end.

Well I finally got someone to call me back. The only one who called me back in fact. So if you need someone for a Rattle Snake problem google Ramirez Rattle Snake Removal. He is not far from me, but he goes all over. He has even been on the TV.

Well I sent him a photo via email, due to the fact that he is currently a way on a job. He was working today which is so great. Oh, here is a copy of the pic I email him.

Now I am not someone who is fond of snakes or who would even want to be around them in the first place. But Len Ramirez was so sweet. He told me that it wasn't a dangerous snake. He said it looked like a Gopher snake, which is very common around my area. Yes, it is a big one, and the bite will hurt, but it won't kill anyone. So I am finally feeling like I can relax, in fact I feel exhausted at this point. Talk about a wake up call. Mr. Ramirez told me that it would be an excellent idea to learn about the snakes that are in my area. He says that this time it wasn't a Rattle snake, but next time I might not be that lucky.

Well, thank you all for listening to the ramblings of a crazy woman. lol

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to do some of the NSD challenges that where posted on Saturday. I am sure going to try.

Goodnight and God Bless you all.

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