Sunday, May 2, 2010

A very scary Sunday

Hi everyone, hope you all are having a fantastic Sunday. Mine has been very frightening. I got up and took my dog out to do his business when something jumped at him. I couldn't see it to well, do in fact to it being 6am in the morning and still partially dark outside. But DH got up and looked all around the area where it happened and found nothing. The funny thing is my dog refused to go to that part of the yard again. Well at about 8am before leaving for church, I decide to take my dog out again to try and get him to do his business. Still wouldn't go to that area of the yard. Well while I was waiting, I started picking up leaves that had blown on to my porch and then proceeded to go around and put them into the green waste container. Well I saw something on the ground that I thought was more crumpled up leaves. Well it wasn't. It was some kind of Reptile skin. Well, I am freaking out thinking what to I have in my backyard. Took the skin in to DH and neither he or I could tell what type of reptile it was from. Well I live across the street from Maidu Park and 3 houses down from Cirby Creek and a very woody area. So I call the Placer County SPCA and ask what should I do. They told me to call Roseville Animal Control. So I call Roseville Animal Control, and they say that they couldn't tell what type of reptile that it came from and to call a Rattle Snake Removal Company to help me. Well that put me into a true panic. So I have several calls in to several different companies, Only one has called me back and I have emailed him a picture to see if he can tell me that it is not a Rattle Snake. Unfortunately he is out on a job and won't be back for several hours to check his email. I am not even able to sit down for being so worried about this. I am putting the picture on here to show you what has gotten me so upset.

I mean I know that it is a very small piece, but I am still really upset that we might have baby rattlers and a momma close by. I am sure that people probably think I am crazy, but I have watched a friend get struck by an Eastern Diamond Back Rattler and he was lucky enough that we were able to get him to a hospital in less than 20 minutes. It is not a good thing to watch and my friend was very sick for along time and could have died. The worst was this was on his Mom's and Dad's property only about 50 yards from the house. So maybe you can understand why I am in a little bit of a panic with a 9 year old DD and 2 small furry children as well. Anyways, I am going to go and lay down and try to get my emotions under control.

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