Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine/Chocolate Magic

I was browsing through several blogs that I like to follow and came across this post which I will tell you I truly was shock at the end. LOL

The original post can be found on The Diva Housewife's blog.

So read and follow the directions.

Your Age In Chocolate

You need to follow along with every step. It helps to use paper and pencil. Just do the steps and don't cheat by scrolling down first.

1. Write down the number of times a day you crave chocolate. This number has to be more than 1 but less than 10. (So if you are like me and crave it lots MORE than 10 times a day - just select 9.)

2. Multiply that number by 2.

3. Add 5 to your answer.

4. Now multiply that number by 50 (might need to get the calculator for this one!)

5. NOW - think about your birthday. If you've already had it this year (2010) then add 1760 to the total. If you haven't already had your birthday this year then add 1759 to the total.

6. Take this new total and subtract the four digit year in which your were born. (I was born in '62 so I'll be subtracting 1962.)

7. Look at your final number - you should have a three digit number. If you've done it correctly then the first digit should be the number of times a day you crave chocolate and the last two numbers should be......


(This will only work in 2010 - then the chocolate magic disappears forever!)
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