Friday, December 4, 2009

Unfinished Fall LO's

These layouts are Fall related, but need work. I started them, but kinda went blank when it can time to either add embelishments, tiltes, or just make them look finished.

So any IDEA'S from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I have almost all the Cricut Carts, so if you have idea's for cuts let me know the cart and how I should you it.

Thanks and here are the Fall unfinished LO's:

Ok this is page one of this LO

and this is page 2. As you can see they need work, especially page 2.

This is page 1 and I did get as far as the title and one embelishment of twine.

This is page 2 and I also added the twine, but them got stumped. So any help is very much welcome.

This is page 3 or a new LO, I was in a blocky kinda frame of mind that day. Lots of blocks with varying sizes.

I had an idea for the title on this one, but it didn't look right so I am stuck on this one also.

This is page one and I thought it was going to look good, but I think my mind was starting to really dry up.

Page 2 with different paper colors, but still on a brain freeze.

Still playing with paper, but no idea's. UGH!!!!

Last of my Fall brain freeze pages. So HELP!!!! Would love some of your ideas.

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